Dynamic scalable omni-channel robust dual-stacked operationalized mail solutions... for me! Jake!

"Please, JAKE! Give me a free email account so my emails won't be parsed by... er 'Roorle' and subsequently be served targeted ads!" Heh, NOPE!

"B-b-but J-j-j-j-Jake!!! I WANT an email address at YOUR service!"

Ok, okay, let's briefly talk about this email server. It is a VPS that I rent for $3.50 a month... Basically, this thing is not hosted at my house. IE I do not control it. Sure I handle the software on it but that is about it. For $3.50 a month I get a meager 10GB memory space and 512MB RAM. Kinda hideous. This is Raspberry Pi level of resource allocated to me... But that is not the worst of it! No no, imagine this: the police knows that I have a email server and they want a copy of EVERYTHING on it! Who do they send the subpoena to? Not me! They send it to my VPS provider. They have this 'snapshot' feature where they make a backup of your current state of your instance... so what they do is send a snapshot of my current server and the police can just look through there without me ever knowing. Nightmare tier. Also, my VPS provider can also give the police logs of all internet based activity that occur with this instance... they don't need me to provide logs! This is the future of cloud services. I'd be weary of VPS tor guards/relays/exits for this reason (not that you have a choice in what your nodes will be.)

"Then why are you using one?" This VPS provider has a needed rDNS option that my ISP is unwilling to give. Honestly, if the VPS gave a $1 dollar option with half of everything they give me WITH rDNS, I would pay for that.

"I still want an email at your service!" Read this.