Want to get a better grip with (Neo)Mutt in a stress free environment? Great, I have created 3 accounts for this exact purpose:

User Email Password
mutt1 mutt1@jakes-mail.top fnv-2bWY
mutt2 mutt2@jakes-mail.top K1s&|=K.
mutt3 mutt3@jakes-mail.top 4&3jHVrV

Protocol Encryption Port
SMTP StartTLS 587

mail.jakes-mail.top is the server. I won't share what works for me; this is a 'you' project. The best rewards are skills that you pickup for yourself. You can do it! Please don't send mail to these accounts, thanks. If you get this to work then you will be able to get cock.li email accounts to work as well.

Note: You will be unable to send out an actual email for them. If you get an 'owner' error just know that your email would have been sent in normal conditions. Also, note: Please don't save messages as drafts, thanks.

Note: IP addresses DO get logged and I will make no attempt to obfuscate them. Logs get purged after I review them. Note: VPS provider may keep their own logs.